Le New Country des Ticky Jones plaît aux américains! | Les Ticky Jones
En cours de chargement...

Dans les dernières semaines, deux Américains se sont rendus sur notre site pour commander tous nos albums après avoir entendu nos chansons sur XM radio. Voici le commentaire de Erick...

"Regarding your music, it sort of happened by pure coincidence.  A couple weeks ago I was on vacation in Utah, I was driving a rental car and happened to be browsing through the SiriusXM satellite radio stations.  I tuned into the francophone station and came across one of your songs, as soon as I heard it I was hooked!  I took a picture of the radio's screen so I could look it up later. 
What I love the most about listening to your music is the delightful vocals and how good the instruments are played, you girls got lots of talent!  Really love the voices and how le français Québécois sounds, it's so nice to hear, sounds so much more relaxed than French from France.  So far my favorite song is "je tiens à toi", when I first heard it I had no idea what it said, but after typing the lyrics on Google Translate  and seeing the results in both English and Spanish I gained a new appreciation for the song.  I found it to be very touching and a subject I could relate to personally to some extent, the part where it says "la vie nous mène où on doit aller" totally melts my heart!  My second favorite song so far is "Rien d'inutile", I've been playing it several times a day.
Thank you for making such great music!  I'd love to see you guys play in California if you ever have any shows around this area.
Au Plaisir!